Welcome to Prem Prakash International School,Bagod

We draw our inspiration from Founders, who willed the total development of every person.

Since June 2016

About our school

Our education is directed towards the development of the person. We too are primarily concerned with instilling Gospel values in those we educate and forming responsible citizens in the country who are ready to take their place in social, political and cultural life with selflessness and zeal.

Our special focus will be the formation of the committed people who are filled with a sense of mission to their country and to the world. We strive to implement the national aims and objectives of education through the goals our school has discovered and which must be realized and propagated by all our staff and students.

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Principal speak

We strongly believe in holistic development of a child . All life skills , intellectual skills, social & emotional skills of each student must be developed.

FIT India Movement

The “Fit India movement” is an initiative by which states celebrates with their partner states and knowing their regional languages, games and culture.


The total area of the school campus is 1,55,000sq.feet and the total area of playground is 1,30,000sq.feet .


Middle school

There is a paradigm shift in the curriculum as well as in the teaching for our students in the Middle. There has been an enthusiastic acceptance of the new CCE method of evaluation.


Junior school

In our Junior School that is classes one to five the faculty emphasizes a lot on conversational skills, reading and writing and mental math.

Apply for Admission

We ordinarily admit students at the beginning of the academic year.